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ODOROKU Wall Mold Remover Gel 120g with Free Gloves Mildew Removal Automatically Decompose and Remove Mold

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  • The squeezed pointed mouth design, easy and comprehensive application, quick and effective mold removal in 3-5 hours.
  • Transparent gel-like, penetrates into the root of the mold for rapid decomposition, eliminating mold spots.
  • Add bacteriostatic agent to inhibit the growth of mold, remove mold once, and prevent mold for a long time.
  • Gel-formula that makes removing dirt and mold hassle-free!


  • 1. This product can not be used for other purposes, or mixed with other cleaning agents, please maintain ventilation when using.
  • 2. Rinse with plenty of water on skin and eyes. Get medical attention if you feel unwell.
  • 3. High temperature, freezing or direct light will reduce the viscosity of the product. After use, the cover must be closed and placed in a cool place.
  • Whats Included: ODOROKU Wall Mold Remover Gel 120g with 1 x Pair of Gloves




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