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ODOROKU 10/40pcs Rechargeable Silica Gel Activated Carbon Desiccant Moisture Absorbing Bag Formaldehyde Removal Charcoal

  • Ultimate Moisture Absorption: Equipped with powerful silica gel and activated carbon, these desiccant packs are engineered to absorb moisture from the air effectively. They work tirelessly to ensure your belongings remain dry and protected, even in highly humid conditions.

  • Quick and Easy Recharge: Simply follow the provided instructions to quickly recharge the packs in minutes, restoring their blue color and moisture-absorbing capacity.

  • Safe and Protective Storage: Create a dry, protective environment for your valuables. desiccant packs safeguard against rust, corrosion, oxidation, and other moisture-related damage, ensuring your items stay in pristine condition.

  • Broad Application: Beyond moisture control, these activated charcoal packs excel in removing odors and toxic gases, making them perfect for newly renovated spaces, shoe cabinets, bags, cars, refrigerators, and more. They're an essential tool for keeping your living and storage spaces fresh and damage-free.

  • Eco-Friendly and Long-Lasting: Reusable for up to 2-3 years, these eco-friendly packs only require simple sunlight reactivation every 1 to 2 months. They are a sustainable choice for your home and the planet.

  • Whats Included: 1 x ODOROKU Rechargeable Silica Gel Activated Carbon Desiccant Moisture Absorbing Bag

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How to Re-Use:

  1. Reactivate the bags by placing them in direct sunlight for 3 to 5 hours to release absorbed odors and contaminants.
  2. Repeat this cycle every 1 to 2 months for continuous effectiveness.
  3. Replace the bags once they are no longer effective after 2-3 years of use.

With the ODOROKU Activated Carbon Desiccant Moisture Absorbing Bags, you're not just investing in reliable moisture and odor control; you're choosing a sustainable way to protect and freshen your environment. Say goodbye to dampness, odors, and harmful gases, and hello to freshness with these versatile desiccant dehumidifier packs.

Additional information

Weight 0.5000 kg
Dimensions 20.0000 × 30.0000 × 30.0000 cm

10pcs Bag (0.5kg), 40pcs Bag (2kg)


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