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  • FAQS

Whats is the ODOROKU Rewards Program?

ODOROKU Rewards is a loyalty programme created by to reward and thank our loyal customers. The program allows you to earn points on every completed purchase. These points are then converted to cashback i.e. money off your next purchase.

How do i earn ODOROKU Rewards points?

You will earn rewards 100point for every S$1 spent. For every 10000 points =$3 cashback in points

For instance, if you are a member and you have 100000 points in your account, you will get S$30 off your next purchase.

How do i sign up for ODOROKU Rewards program?

Simply create an account on and you will be a member immediately! Click Here

What is the validity of my membership status?

Your membership status is for life. This means that we will not downgrade you even if you have not spent anything with us in a long time. We value you, and this is one of the ways we show our appreciation.

When will my points expire?

Your points will expire a year after they’ve been earned, so be sure to remember to use them. Your membership tier however is for life.

When will my points be credited?

You will receive your points upon completion of your order. This means that the order has been delivered to you. If the order is being returned, refunded or canceled, the points will be revoked as well.

Can my ODOROKU Rewards points be converted into cash?

ODOROKU points are not convertible to cash. They can only be used as cashback on your next purchase on

Can i earn ODOROKU Rewards points at the physical store?

The ODOROKU Rewards programme is valid for purchases on only.

This loyalty programme is currently not available for purchases at our physical store or showroom.

Still Have A Questions?

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