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June 28, 2024
How To Organise Using Taili Vacuum Bags
  • Packing efficiently is a traveler’s best friend, and Taili vacuum bags are the ultimate solution. Imagine saving up to four times more space in your suitcase or backpack. Taili vacuum bags are designed with the traveler in mind—no need for a vacuum cleaner or pump. Simply fill the bag, zip it up, and roll to expel air through a specially designed channel. Made from durable PE+PA materials, these bags not only save space but also protect your clothes from water, dirt, and dust. They’re perfect for keeping dirty laundry separate from clean clothes during your adventures.
  • At home, Taili vacuum bags are a game-changer for transforming clutter into neatly stored items. Our hanging vacuum storage bags come with five circulatory rings, ideal for hanging garments like jackets and coats, freeing up precious closet space. Each bag can hold 4-6 jackets in its rotating hanger compartments. With a complimentary zipper for a perfect seal and a robust double zip-seal, these bags remain airtight for extended periods.
  • For larger items, our Taili cube vacuum storage bags are perfect. They can store multiple quilts, blankets, and comforters, with the largest size capable of holding up to 2-4 quilts weighing 8kg each. These cube bags, which offer the capacity of four ordinary bags, are waterproof and airtight, ensuring your belongings are protected from dust and water. Their trapezoidal three-dimensional structure provides stability and a larger storage capacity.
  • Our mattress vacuum bags are specifically designed for storing mattresses and bedding efficiently. Available in XL (180x85cm) and XXL (220x100cm), these bags can accommodate blankets or thin mattresses. They dramatically reduce the volume of your mattresses by compressing them to a fraction of their original size, making it easier to move, store, or transport them. Made from high-quality PA+PE material, these bags are durable and puncture-resistant, with a unique double zipper seal ensuring long-lasting compression. Ideal for moving or seasonal storage, these bags fit neatly in your car, SUV, or moving box, saving on space and moving costs.
  • Taili rolling and compression vacuum bags cater to both travelers and home organizers, offering a convenient and efficient way to save space and protect belongings. Whether you’re maximizing luggage space or decluttering closets and storage areas, our vacuum bags provide versatile and durable solutions. Our rolling vacuum bags come in two sizes: the 30x40cm can fit 2 to 3 shirts, while the 40x60cm can fit 3 to 6 shirts. Our compression bags are available in three sizes, with the largest (80x100cm) able to fit 1-3 quilts.
  • Taili vacuum bags are the perfect companion for travelers and home organizers, offering convenience and efficiency in saving space and protecting belongings. Whether you’re maximizing luggage space for your travels or decluttering closets and storage areas at home, Taili provides versatile and durable solutions to keep your items compact and organized.
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